Goal of US foreign policy

Goal of US foreign policy


Goal of US foreign policy

Date : 20 Feb

It is to establish US hegemony. To control the worl.  


Q. Is it just the goal of US foreign policy or of all the country?

Ans. It is goal of all but everyone is not capable of turning their aspirations into reality


Q. Why Everyone wants to be hegemony?


Scholar: john mearsheimer gives the explanation. That why any state want hegemony

Because international politics is in the State of anarchy(absence of world government) it means every country has to rely on self help for their survival. Self help require power. 

Means a situation where power is the only mean of survival the only way to maximize the guarantee of survival by acquiring hegemony. 


Q. Who is a hegemen ?

Ans. It means preponderant power. 

It Means who will prevail other. Means most powerful nation. Hegemen has primacy in all the 3 dimensions of power. 

  1. Military power
  2. Economic power(structural power)
  3. Cultural power


Q. What is the Aim of US foreign policy?

Ans. For any country there are 2 core objectives of foreign policy

  1. Sequrity of it's people and main land
  2. Prosperity

 Both are interdependent means one cannot achieve without other.

Hence to pursue these two goals US seeks hegemony on the world. Since when US started pursuing it's goal in active sense though from beginning US is pursuing it's goal, only it's strategy has changed.

  1. Strategy till 1st world war and 2nd word war. US follow The policy of isolation means staying away from the world conflict and focusing entirely from domestic spheres menas development in elements in power. Once usa became fully assured means there was no competitor, USA change its policy. From isolation towards active involvement in world affairs. 

Q. Which is the 1st occasion of us involvement in the world affairs

Ans. 1st world war. However after 1st world war USA went back in isolation. Though USA proposed the idea of league of Nations, US Congress didn't allow USA to join the league of Nations thus stay away from world's affairs.


  1. The second occasion when USA became active in the world affairs was 2nd word war. 2nd world war establish USA as the hegemen. The power which can not be challenged by the others. 


Q. What was the way us declares it's coronation ?

Ans. Use of nuclear weapon in Hiroshima Nagasaki


Rise of super power

Super power : when the gap between power of a nation is so huge that other states even when they come together cannot challenge or defeat the super power. 


Q. On the basis of historical experiences of the rise of super power suggest what was the prerequisite for the rise of the super power?

Q.  compare rise of usa with rise of china. 

Q. On the basis of case studies of rise of usa and rise of china analyse the prospects and the potential of rise of india .

Q. What are the probability of emergence of “ pax indica”

Q. What was the term pax denote.

And. Pax means dictated peace, means capacity to dictated norms or established the rule and get it informed by the others. 


Journey of rise of super power

US case study

  1. Country should have potential: same location, availability of natural resources, quality of population, quality of governance.
  2. A country should get favorable environment for it's growth, both internal and external
  3. Country should have the vision and leadership


case of usa:

Us has all the potential at the same time us got favorable external environment. Means usa could stay away from world conflicts .


Case of china:

Though China's elements of power in terms of resources, quality of population, external environment, not as advantageous yet it was the vision of leadership in china and the favorable opportunities that emerged during cold war where US needed china to contain russia, that china enjoyed period of related peace. At the same time US japan economic rivalry benefitted china as usa shifted the investment towards china. Thus because of environmental factors and vision of it's leaders china had a luxury to grow peacefully. A concept describe as “peaceful rise of china”

At present china doesn't require to be peaceful rather china has to display it's power. Before china becomes old. 


Q. What is the virtue of a prince.

Ans. Prince knows the movement. 

Q. What is the best movement to display power?

Ans. When the competitors are at their lowest point  (Dengxiaoping’s foreign policy.) it is called 24 character foreign policy. It is hide capabilities and bide time.


Q. When was the right time

Q. When Chinese agression became more provocative

Ans. That movement was covid-19. Because enemies at their weakest point


Q. What about India

Ans. At present, there are 4 major powers

  1. Usa
  2. China
  3. Russia
  4. India

India is the weakest of all great powers

india doesn't have advantages which US has or china.

India is also late arrival. India doesn't have luxury of time: india need time to rise peacefully. India needs to focus on domestic development. This will require stability in the world affairs. Hence india has huge challenge to match the pace. US china rivalry can push india towards Unwanted war. According to external affairs minister at present S. Jaishankar, india will go india way. India will be the great power in it's own way. It will be based on soft power: india’s cultural values like washudav kutumbkam. India‘s image will be vishwaguru. 


Q. How US can establish it's hegemony

Q. Discuss the ideas that have shaped US geopolitics(us policy world affairs)

Ans. We can see the influence of 3 prominent geo political scholars on fundamentals of US foreign policy. 

  1. Alfred T mahan. Book: influence of sea power upon history. 


Q. Which country can become hegemon ?

Ans. According to alfred T mahan, one who control the ocean will control the world. Indian ocean is the key to seven seas. 

Q. Why?

Ans. Because in peace time a country can control world Trade (energy trade/oil trade)

During war, movement of enemy (strong Navy is required)

 Halford mecinder, book: geographical pivot of history, his theory counters mahan theory. 

Mahan: Future of the world under sea power

Mecinder: future of the world will be land power. 


According to mecinder one who controls central asia will control the world island, one who will control the world island will control the world.


Central Asia is heart of Uresia 

This theory is a cause of concern of US because usa is a outsider. All potential challenger of US hegemony are located here. 

  1. Russia : presently at war, US economy is decline and Russia economy emerges.
  2. Germany: disarm
  3. China: it is on risen- neck to neck fight
  4. Iran: it gives though fight, hamas Jews war
  5. Turkey: is susance
  6. India: india is a strategy partner which doesn't follow usa, it follow india way
  7. Japan: disarm
  8. North korea: challenges


Nicolas Spikman , book: the geography of peace, rimland theory. Rim land countries are those who are both onland and shores. Who held that future will lie with to these countries 

ie. China india iran.



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