Core concept of feminism

Core concept of feminism


Sex vs gender debate: 

Core concept of feminism

Q. What is the difference between sex and gender ?

Ans. Sex is considered as natural/biological and hence cannot be change and challenge

Hence women are allocated specific roles based on sex.

It is considered as natural hence feminist has to challenge the natural/ biological bases of subordination of women 

Thus radical feminism challenges “ biological determinism”

Hence they brought the concept of gender: 

On the basis of the concept of gender , they differentiate between natural and socio-cultural: thus sex is considered as natural and gender is considered as cultural or normative.

According to radical feminist subordination of women is not because of their biology but because of social norms practices and institutions

Q. What is the nature of social institutions? 

Ans. Family, Marriages, State , private Offices


Q. What is the nature of our society? 

Ans. We live in a gendered society


Q. What is gendered society ?

Ans. Which gives prevailed from one gender to other ?


Q. Our society gives privilege to which gender?

It gives privilege to male over female or trans gender

Since it gives privilege to male , its nature is patriarchal


Q. What is the worst thing about patriarchy?

Ans. Gender based violence 

Women and transgender are subjected to violence, when they try to challenge patriarchy: menas whenever they will assert their personhood over their assigned status.

Views of susan brownmiller

Book: “against our will”

She has highlighted the link between violence and patriarchy

In fact patriarchy is institutionalized violence means violence which have normalized 

This normalized violence of patriarchy is a part of everyday life of women.

She has established that rape is the institution of patriarchy. Patriarchy sustain itself through various means: myths By sanctions of coercion.

In south Asia we see a very common practice of honor killing. Honor Killing represents the use of violence to enforce the norms of patriarchy.

In India the negative sex ratio can also be attributed to patriarchy. It represent female foeticide , female infeticide.

It happens because there is a preference for male child.

Q. Why ? 

Ans. Because of patriarchal society or gendered society.

Scholars like Simon de Beauvoir held that patriarchy is bad not just for women but also for men.

Patriarchy paralyzed men. Men can not even dare to dress like women.

According to susan brownmiller majority of incidents of rape are not related to sexual desire.

It is about asserting the power of male over female. It is the ultimate institution to keep patriarchy intact. It keeps all women under fear all the time. 

Thus it results in limiting opportunities for women. It is less of a physical violence it is more of a psychological violence.

Most of the incidence of rape have been to keep patriarchy intact it is a ultimate weapon that can be use.

For example we can substantiate round miller view on the basis of delhi rape case or nirbhaya case. When inquired by the BBC , what was the reason behind committing such a heinous crime. 

Interview of Delhi Rape Criminals: 

The person accepted that the reason was to communicate to the girls about the consequences if they do not adhere to the norms set by patriarchy.

Understanding patriarchy: 

From the perspective of Betty friedan

Women = work performance of females, not women associated with sex or gender. 

Women is verb not noun.

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